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Stakeholder top 10 hints


Stakeholder top 10 hints

Top ten hints are as follows from Simply Stakeholders

1. Communication.
This does not mean to tell everyone your plans for work. It means to listen carefully as well!  There is no point in being in a cave secretly creating your own next masterpiece and then letting others know about it. Be open about what you are doing right from the very start, and be honest. This will make them more approachable towards you.
2. Involvement is key.
Depending on different stakeholders, their behavior and their involvement towards the project, you should choose the form of your initial meeting with lots of strategies.
3. Give them a chance to express themselves.
Having a good amount faith, and allowing your stakeholders a sense of ownership is the single most important thing you can rely on. Think about the last project, where someone might not think you were important enough to be involved in, and left you in important situations, how did it make you feel?  What were the consequences of the project? Giving ownership at times is risky, but it can be fruitful as many of them will proactively work which could be so beneficial. This way everyone will get involved as everyone likes to feel important.

4. Forming a stakeholder power interest matrix. 
A stakeholder matrix is a fantastic and useful tool that helps in pointing out how different stakeholders should be dealt with and ensures a good management. 
5. Say yes to help and help with feedback!
It’s easy to keep a check on your project.  And, of course,you should be leading from the front in its good or bad times, but don’t mean you shouldn’t allow others to have a constructive criticism towards your work, even if they mean a change in your objectives. Ultimately it’s the improvement to get a better end result.
6. Tackle project mishaps directly and quickly.
Despite your great efforts, there might be many internal politics that are just controlling in bigger circles than your project. If such scenarios occur and you need to step forward, try to cut through all the unwanted elements and go straight up toward the source of the problem. 
7. Be attentive towards the more difficult stakeholders.
It’s easy to pick the same people every time for your works because you know you’ll get a genuine result and a nice environment to work with like-minded peoples around.
8. Empathy towards customers and mapping your stakeholders.
Customer empathy mapping tool is a great way to start with, if you really don’t know much about this. It will provide you a nice insight into your stakeholders. Some guideline to customer empathy mapping are handy, do read those before you start something afresh. 
9.  Be careful of email.
One should provide email, the sad part is, it often gets misused.  Written piece of info can be misinterpreted so easily.  If you think that there can be some chances to get through this, then write your mail, leave it a day and come back to it later.
10.  Change is a bliss, be prepared.
 If you haven’t read “who moved my cheese” then you should do before your next project.  It will show you that being open to new ideas and change are the key drive to success.

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