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How Are Modular Walls Made?


Modular walls are specially designed walls that are created from different panels and beams forms and manufactured with a highly lightweight inner core and an extremely hard fiberglass outer shell. The core is made up of a polymeric material with multiple plastic layers with high tensile strength. In order to strengthen the core, several more layers are added to the polymeric material. The fiberglass is then attached to these layers for added strength and durability.

How To Install TerraFirm Modular Walls?

The core can be designed in numerous ways and can either be attached to the polymeric material or glued into place. Both the methods work equally well but attaching is usually more cost-effective and easier to do. When using glue, you should ensure that you use very strong glue which will not break or peel the fiberglass core. It is also important to ensure that the glued surface is dry before installing the core. This ensures the best bond between the core board.

The modular wall system is also known as a rigid wall system. It is an ideal choice for commercial buildings, schools, universities, and commercial property developments. It is a cost-efficient solution when compared with traditional building construction. The modular walls can be assembled and disassembled at the whim of the owner in a single day.

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