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Highest Video Conference Online Security


Highest Video Conference Online Security

Video Equipment conferencing incorporates high-level SSL security encryption technology similar to online banking & legal standards to give you the confidence that your communications and data transmissions are always protected.

Each conference is protected with a Session ID and Access Code, allowing only those parties you wish to attend a conference to enter.

Record Your Entire Video Conference

Forget your notepad when it comes to preparing conference notes and records of what took place. With the help of the built-in Conference Recording function, you can securely save entire conference sessions and play them on-demand at your convenience.

With FaceConferencing’s innovative Session Recording Player, it is possible to extract audio and video files from your Conference Recordings.  These files can be converted to Windows Media Format ( WMV/AFF ), so you can place recorded videos and audio on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Environmentally Friendly/Energy Efficient

Not only does save you money and time you would otherwise spend on travel, it also spares the environment a great deal of unnecessary CO2 emissions by doing so. Visionary managers are cutting back on travel expenditures to not only save company costs but also to become global stewards in conservation and resource management.

Features like File Sharing, Desktop/Application Sharing, Instant Chat, Joint Web-browsing, and secure Conference Recording, allows you to stay in close contact with your colleagues, clients and friends while cutting down on costly, time-consuming travel.

There are 100’s of uses & advantages that FaceConferencing has to offer, but the best way to discover the ones that matter to you most is to simply try FaceConferencing for yourself with our 100% No Risk, 30 Day Free Trial Offer!

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