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In seeking to replicate his European culinary success in the United States, French chef Jean Christophe Navelli choose nine qualified students for a stint at his prestigious U.S. cooking academy. His U.K. academy has earned rave reviews as one of the top culinary schools in the world, but Navelli wants to try the new students out on their own at the newly renovated academy. The nine new students are a mix of cooks from around the world and have to complete a host of activities every week, from preparing delicious meals to filleting an animal. Failure of any three tests results in dismissal from the academy. My link

Each student’s skills and cooking experience are assessed in a classroom setting. One of the primary requirements for students at the Chef Academy is that they be at least 18 years old. Each student has a set of responsibilities and duties that are defined for them by the instructors. As part of their class assignments, students learn how to clean the kitchen, cook the same recipes they already know, and prepare and serve food in a timely manner. Students are also taught about the different ingredients that are used in cooking and the different ways in which these ingredients interact with each other. Students who wish to pursue further studies may do so through completion of a degree program. It may take several years to finish a degree program, but students will be prepared to move onto bigger jobs within the restaurant industry.

In addition to hiring chefs to work in their restaurants, some hotels, as well as caterers and other businesses, hire chefs to assist with their daily operations. Some chefs are hired to help take care of a restaurant’s administrative staff. Other chefs are hired to work with chefs and other employees in a food preparation department to create menus. Most of all, chefs are hired to help with daily preparation of food at the hotel or other business. These are just a few examples of what the culinary career may entail, but the opportunities are endless. For those who are interested in a culinary career, the best place to look for information is at the Chef Academy.

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