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Continent of the Ninth Seal Game Review



We at ErcGaming have got a chance to test C9 with both new accounts and level 50 accounts so our review will be based off what we tested and there are the places to find them , our opinion and what we experienced while testing both new and high level accounts. The first thing we will be talking about is GamePlay.



C9 has it all from pve to pvp even role play and crafting but what about these things makes C9 unique and stand out from other Action Rpg’s? In a few sentences i could say it’s the stunning and action filled pvp to the amazing boss fights with your friends or guild. Let’s look deeper,

The pve is dungeon based so you can go in alone or with a preformed party to team up and fight large amounts of mobs defending or attacking an area. Dungeons start off killing mobs working your way to objectives or getting down to that large boss you’ve been hoping to slay. That’s not all though with lever’s needing to be activated to high graphic cutscene it makes your pve experience exiting and having you and your friends playing and enjoying your time.


Action in an rpg is needed for most players to be interactive and being stunned by the amazing pve is one thing but C9 brings action, amazing skill effects and getting you involved when it comes to fighting other players. Have you ever played a game that focuses too much on the pve and not enough on pvp or the opposite? C9 has brought both amazing pve and stunning pvp together focusing well on both. From duelling to having many pvpers in one arena you’ll feel you are really in the fight, dodging, jumping and even rolling to avoid other players skills bringing real mechanics to a fantasy action rpg and increasing that intensity level of everyone in the fight.

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