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Best landscape design Melbourne


When renovating your backyard to make your outdoor living areas more suitable for summer living, it is important to keep a seasonal color scheme in mind.


Landscape design Melbourne

If you are looking to incorporate some new flowers into your landscape design this summer, then consider warm and welcoming flowers, like daisies, lavender, and sunflowers. For a more modern outdoor living scheme, plant orchids of the brightest color.

Stone projects

According to Cedar Valley Home & Garden, this summer’s new neutral color is gray. It doesn’t get any easier in terms of stone selection when gray is the color of choice. Construct a new retaining wall out of gray limestone or pave a new backyard walking path with gray slate.

Wood for your patio

The summer provides us with countless opportunities to have outdoor gatherings and celebrations. If you decide to construct a new patio for your home, then consider an exotic type of wood, such as red cedar, redwood, or tropical hardwood. This will help spruce up your summer color pallet.

Other Landscaping Details

Do not restrict your creative energy to living landscape details and construction projects. Spray paint older flower boxes, pots, or even iron furniture with a vibrant color that will stand out tastefully.

Let’s not forget that pool!

No matter what your chosen summer color scheme, incorporating a swimming pool into your landscape design will only further contribute to the enjoyment of your backyard living area.

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