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Basic Backyard Bird Feeder Guide – Six Feeders You Need to Have


Squirrel Proof bird feeder balls are designed to prevent the squirrels from getting into your bird feeding apparatus. The balls are usually filled with corn or seed mix. Squirrel proof bird feeder balls are usually made of a durable plastic and are equipped with a magnetic design to prevent them from being swallowed by the squirrel. This is a very effective way to deter the squirrels from getting into your bird feeding devices. Click here

Bird Feeders – Keeping Your Bird Feeders Clean Will Keep Your Birds Healthy

One of the most effective ways to keep the birds away from your bird feeding apparatus is to buy a good quality squirrel-proof feeder cover. These are specially made to resist the sharp teeth of the squirrel. The squirrel-proof bird feeding cover will help to make your feeding device less attractive to the squirrel. This is one of the important things that you have to remember when feeding your birds using a squirrel proof bird feeder ball, because the presence of this type of feeder cover could prevent your birds from eating the food that you have provided for them.

The presence of squirrel repellant on the bird food can also help in deterring the birds from visiting your feeder. However, squirrel repellents are not recommended for feeding small birds such as cockatiels.

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