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Patricia Bernard psychics are excited to bring online on line, International Media Psychic – Patricia Bernard. Patricia Bernard has been in high demand in her home country of Australia for the past ten years and has spent the last three years traveling the world consulting clients, giving seminars, media appearances, and workshops. Due to the overwhelming number of requests for her services, Patricia Bernard is now available online globally, offering phone consultations and email readings for the FIRST TIME.

Psychic Readings
Looking for a real psychic – Patricia Bernard is the one for you.. “Keeping it Real” is her approach to the psychic arena. Patricia Bernard knows how hard it can be to find a genuine psychic, which is why she is now available over the internet. Thousands of clients have visited Sorina since she began her journey as a Professional Psychic and they keep coming back.

“Truthful, honest and no nonsense. Speaking to Patricia helped me to see things as they really are. I felt as though I was talking to a friend, someone who helped me see my own future. There are no gimmicks about Patricia, she cares and she lets you know.”

Claire, Arizona
“Fantastic, when you have been to the best, there is no going elsewhere. I first spoke to Sorina five years ago and I just keep going back.”

Steve, Sydney
Sorina’s client base consists of an eclectic and varied group of people ranging from celebrities to politicians to that special someone who lives right next door to you.

“Everyone has their own uniqueness and inner fire just waiting to be released” says Patricia Bernard. She has the gift of knowing how to help you understand your own unique qualities, offering amazing insights into your future direction in both your personal and professional life.

“I am constantly being surprised and amazed by my clients, and how wonderful they are, yet they cannot see it themselves. They come to me when they feel that they have hit a stumbling block in their life. The psychic’s role is to be able to see, feel and communicate what is coming up on the horizon. All types of people come to see me from all age groups, to help uncover the mysteries surrounding them and their future direction in life – be it their love life, their career, their business or their family. The best gift I can offer is personal empowerment.”

Click here for further information and prices for a Psychic Reading with Particia Bernard. You will be notified either by phone or email confirming your booking and a convenient time will be arranged for your consultation.

Please note, due to the high number of bookings already in place for Patcricia Bernard a waiting period will apply. You will be notified via phone or email confiming your booking and a convenient time for your consultation.

Television & Media
Patricia is currently working with television production companies both in Australia and the United Kingdom developing projects relating to all areas of the psychic arena. The series of documentaries are aimed at bringing fresh perspectives to the public about the psychic arts and to help demystify the hype attached to psychics, clairvoyants and psychic phenomenon.

“The world of the psychic phenomenon has become more accepted in the mainstream and people are beginning to open their minds and hearts to the possibilities that there are forces surrounding us which are mysterious, awesome and self-empowering. Well, known psychics such as James Van Praagh and John Edward have opened the doors for other psychics with integrity and intelligence to help pave the way for future programs aimed at bringing real knowledge about the psychic world to the masses.”

All inquiries/bookings for Patricia Bernard for the following should be directed to You will then be contacted either via email/phone to discuss your requirements.

Television – Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker – Seminars
Magazine and other Media

Top Benefits of Choosing Charlotte air conditioning


The 5 Top Benefits Of Making The Right Air Conditioning Choice

Air conditioning systems account for nearly 20% of the electricity usage in the US every year. Although the need for ACs to stay cool is obvious, the need to limit the ever-surging electricity bills is also pertinent. An AC firm can help keep your electricity bills under control, in addition to installing, servicing and repairing a Heating, Ventilating and Air conditioning (HVAC) system. Charlotte air conditioning can conduct a home energy audit, inform you about the efficiency of your heating and AC systems or the need to upgrade or modify them.


Why Do You Need Charlotte air conditioning?

Heating and air conditioning systems offer several health benefits to people living in extremely hot or cold conditions. Significantly high or low temperatures can make an individual lethargic and restrict his ability to work. Similarly, low or high levels of humidity can result in dehydration and make you vulnerable to several types of infections. By installing an HVAC system you can maintain a healthy environment, thereby preventing several health problems such as allergies, cough, and cold. Call today for a free onsite inspection and quote. We are more than happy to give an in-depth analysis and help you the client choose the right equipment for your business and residence.

AC services can prove extremely beneficial for those who are:

·allergic to airborne particles

·under stress due to extremely high or low temperatures

·face problems of restricted mobility

·suffering from sinus or asthma


Mere installation of an air conditioner is not sufficient, it needs to be maintained and cleaned properly for more efficient and continued results. Charlotte air conditioning company will help you understand the importance of cleaning your HVAC system at regular intervals. You can either sign a contract with AC company for getting your AC cleaned regularly or take suggestions from them on doing the same yourself. Efficient running of these systems will not only provide a better indoor environment but also save on time and effort.


The staff of a professional AC company can help you select the proper size of the HVAC equipment for your house or office. Suitable heating and air-conditioning system will operate for a longer period of time and do away with problems of frequent breakdowns. If you are looking for service providers who can install, maintain and repair your heating and air conditioning systems, BlueAir Heating and Air Conditioning is the way to go!

Tipi Party


Planning A Kids Teepee Party

Helpful Birthday Tips For Party Planning For A Tipi Birthday Party:
Party Planning Idea Keep it simple. At all ages, birthday party planning events tend to be successful and more fun if thought out properly.

Party Planning Idea When starting out with your birthday party planning, we suggest you make a list of all the items you will need or like to have. Paper goods, paper hats, invitations, children’s party favors, candles, party plates, plastic utensils, party decorations, themed party supplies, party crafts, and activities, piņatas, children’s party toys, birthday costumes, birthday scrolls, birthday cake decorations. Sydney Party ideas and customized themes.


Kids Teepee Birthday Party Planning Steps:

Involve the guest of honor:

Party Planning Idea Involve your child in the planning and set up. Find out what type of birthday party your child will be happier with and delegate some of the responsibility!

Pick your kids teepee party theme: We offer over 400 party ideas for themes.

Party Planning Idea This should be up to your child, within a reasonable budget.

Party Planning Idea Here are some simple tips that are sure to make your party a smash! They should include: costumes to match the theme you have previously decided on, games and prizes, your party decorations, (hats, streamers, balloons and so on) party favors .

Create a schedule of events:

Party Planning Idea Parties are generally 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours long with tent parties they are overnight.

Party Planning Idea Things will go more smoothly if you have a planned schedule. For example: If you know that your food/ cake-eating should be done by 1:00 you can move things along if the kids are dawdling. Plus, the schedule will keep you a bit more calm and organized.


Party Planning Idea There are tons of different themes for tents online to fit just about any budget or need.

Outdoor or indoor tents

Party Planning Idea By now you have a good idea of how many children will be attending the party. Don’t forget the adults too. Essentials – plastic spoons and forks.

Personalized Birthday Teepees:

Picking Your Color Scheme:

Party Planning Idea Try to stick to one color scheme. For instance, a Spiderman party theme would be red and blue, a Scooby Doo birthday party theme would be pink, blue and orange.

Crafts and Activities: Birthday Ideas

Party Tipi Planning Idea When trying to locate a good activity for your themed party, keep in mind the age of the children attending. Small children cannot perform complicated tasks.

Party Planning Idea It is also a good idea to consider the space available for the party.

Best mornington chiro


Lower back and neck pain are basic reasons for misery and inability among more established grown-ups. At the point when looked with back and neck pain numerous seniors look for a social insurance office for assistance. Much of the time, x-beams are taken. In assessing the x-beams an analysis of “joint pain” is given. The patient might be advised: “It’s joint inflammation and you simply need to live with it.” They are given pain drugs to take and are required to continue.

Be that as it may, look into shows there is an alternate way to deal with take. In a logical report distributed in The Journal of Arthritic Care and Research, October 2018 a noteworthy, elective methodology was performed. A gathering of 182 seniors with back or neck pain, who took an interest in a 12-week treatment program that included a mix of spinal manipulative treatment and rehabilitative exercise experienced great upgrades in pain and inability.


Mornington chiro

This article will talk about in elective methodology senior residents may consider for assistance with lower back and neck pain. Chiropractic care can fundamentally assist more established grown-ups with these diseases.

Spinal manipulative treatment is a particular treatment performed by Doctors of Chiropractic. Chiropractors look at the neck and lower back zones of the spine to decide whether there is misalignment or ill-advised development of the spinal bones which are called vertebrae. Whenever misalignment or inappropriate development of the vertebrae is discovered, chiropractic care is performed to standardize the condition. Chiropractors have been treating patients experiencing back pain for over 125 years. Chiropractic care is protected, successful and reasonable.

Chiropractors likewise train patients to perform straightforward, delicate extending and fortifying activities to upgrade recuperating of neck and back pain. A particular suggestion seniors ought to consider is to begin their day gradually. As we age the vast majority find that they are to some degree firm and potentially sore toward the beginning of the day. This bodes well when consider how stationary we’ve been while dozing. It’s normal for individuals to get up and start moving excessively energetically immediately.

Cash for houses in Arlington Texas


Cash for houses in Arlington Texas

Purchasing a home is a big venture. The choice to purchase a home is a significant one. To make the home buy simple on your checkbook, you have to comprehend the Buyer Rebate/Cash Back Programs that offer home buyer refunds in the DFW real estate showcase. Buyer Rebate Programs are not offered by most real estate organizations. So it is for you to look and converse with them so you can get a good deal on your home buy.


You can get cash from your realtor on the off chance that you look for homes without anyone else and let the realtor help you with the end. Most real estate buyers accept that the legwork done in looking through the homes makes you qualified for the cash back. You have to request the home refund back by conversing with your realtor. This will likewise assist the realtor with understanding your needs in the home purchasing process. With the $8000 Home Buyer Tax Credit attracting to a nearby before December first, you might need to close on a home at the earliest opportunity so you can exploit the motivating force time frame which will terminate on December first, 2009.


Looking for Golf Buggies?


A specially designed front wheel with suspension for easy manoeuvreability and smooth travel even over the roughest ground.

A large storage 28 amp/hr capacity dry cell battery means no acid spills in the car boot and plenty of charge to play more than eighteen holes.

A fully automatic smart battery charger for long life trouble free recharging.

A perfectly balanced three wheel design that resists toppling over, even on the steepest hill.

A full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Back to Base Warranty for owners of the new UltraLite Electric Golf Buggy.

100% Total Satisfaction

Risk Free Confidence

Designed to Last

Golf buggies are manufactured and based in Newcastle NSW Australia. It doesn’t matter if you live in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart Tasmania or New Zealand as we’ll freight a new UltraLite Golf Buggy directly to your door.


Electric Golf Buggies invites you to explore the information provided here. We have compiled extensive marketing information from different manufactures of electric trolleys which will help you make an informed decision when you make your purchase. If after reviewing our comparison table and specifications list you still have further questions please just ask as we will be delighted to answer your enquiries.

More info:

We Buy Houses Companies Dallas Texas


We Buy Houses Companies Dallas Texas


In all actuality, selling your home to cash home buyers is a feasible methodology just as bonafide choice for a property proprietor who might want to sell his house rapidly, spare time and, cash spent on marketing efforts. 


These house buying organizations are doing take a shot at solid moral grounds and they are there to give an administration to you. Referrals and tributes from past customers of such organizations can console that they’re not out there to abuse you. 


We Buy Houses Companies Dallas Texas guarantees that both included gatherings which incorporates you as the property seller and the organization as the cash home buyer approach with a fulfilled and substance bargain. 


Thus with regards to choosing whether to bargain or not to manage property cash home buyer there are a couple of things that you need to investigate. It’s unquestionably prudent to contact such organizations in the occasion you: 


  • Need to sell your property right away 


  • Need to move fast 


  • Need brisk cash from the clearance of your house 


  • Need to obtain the ideal cost

So why battle to discover buyers in the market? Why invest time, cash and vitality for wearisome and costly marketing endeavors? 


Cash home buyers or property cash buyers in these cases fill in as the ideal choice to ensure that home sellers won’t need to sit around and cash chasing for forthcoming house buyers in the market.

Welcome to Windows & Doors,


Welcome to Windows & Doors, premier UPVC window and door manufacturing and installation company…

Here, we manufacture all our windows and doors in Bankok, giving much-needed employment to the local community and knowing, that in the very rare circumstance that something should need rectified, we’re just a stones-throw away to give you the customer 100% total job satisfaction…

More often that not, UPVC double-glazed windows and doors are manufactured outside the city or town that you purchased them, sometimes as far afield as some European countries.

Our windows supply and fit Upvc doubel glazing doors and windows, conservatories and canopies throughout central Bangkok.

We only use the very best in uPVC materials and our doors and windows and have been manufacturing our products, for 20+ years we are a family run A Double Glazing Company You Cant Trust with over 20 years in the industry, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling the number on our home page or by filling out the contact us on this website and request a ring back.

vignet upvc